15 October, 2017

Pretty Bird

This cute bird joined me last year at the Dallas Arboretum. I’d never had a wild bird come that close and let me take photos. You’d think it thought it was a model, it posed and let me get many shots before I finally let it go on begging others for  handouts.

Part of Spectacular Funday!

09 October, 2017

Paluxy River

Living in a metroplex like DFW you can forget what nature looks like outside of your area.  Walking down the Paluxy River served to remind me of the beauty of Texas and gave me a moment to get back to my roots.   Back home in Mississippi, I used to walk in and on rivers pretty often, that seems like a lifetime ago. 

08 October, 2017

Footprints In Time

Yesterday I took a trip to Glen Rose, TX to visit the Dinosaur Valley State Park.   I have seen dinosaur bones in a museum and even dinosaur tracks in museums, but I have never seen dinosaur tracks “in the wild.”  I was not only amazed by how preserved they were but how they felt like a direct link back to these creatures.   The footprints look as if they could have been left yesterday buy animals just walking through, not some animal that died over 90 million years ago.   It also amazes me to think that these footprints have withstood eons of time and were still so well preserved.  It would honestly amaze me if a footprint survived a week not only millions of years.   I mean consider this… a living breathing dynamic creature walked across the shoreline of an ancient sea and left footprints.   The creature went on it’s way and lived it’s entire life.  The species that creature belonged to went extinct.  That ocean receded.  Meteors hit the earth, continents shifted. Climates changed.  New animals evolved and even went extinct too.  People evolved.  Wars were fought, civilizations rose and fell like the waves on that long gone ocean.

And yet those foot prints remain.


What may look like holes in the rocks are actually footprints for a giant sauropod believed to be Sauroposeidon.

The three toed footprints are believed to have belonged to Acrocanthosaurus.


Part of Spectacular Funday!